Dunno why I took so long to finish this….

Mariya ‘pinup’ for her boyfriend. :V …He likes equestrian outfits. And dressage. A lot.

Birdsong, my male gembound Skydancer dragon. C: I’ve been meaning to draw him for a while.

edit to fix background

Hopefully this doesn’t post with a black bg….

This is Jamal, an npc for a private setting.

Concept for Noor that I think I’m happy with.

Noor, the 6’9 elderly vampire hunter.

Hey, BBW blogs? Can we talk? 

See that last post I did? That’s a trans man. A man. Fuck off, your flocking over it is transphobic in and of itself. 

Second, my art isn’t here for your porny, objectifying, fetishizing blogs to ‘appreciate’. Please unfollow me. 

Thanks! So glad we had this talk!

(Same shit goes for literally every other porn blog following me. Fuck off.)



And finished! May actually work on making this one a print? Idk. I know little of print making.

SOOOO apparently despite NEVER HAVING THIS PROBLEM BEFORE, my phone decided to upload this picture with a black background. Being that I haven’t had internet access from my computer in DAYS, I was unaware. I’m more than slightly annoyed and disheartened that my lineart and efforts have been completely missed because of it. I’ve fixed it now, but. *Sigh*