Haven’t been drawing much lately. Here, have a sketch from a RP: Heavendog vs two vampiric wolves.

Donna in ‘heavendog’ form, near-berserk-ly chasing Ana, with thrall-controlled Jules hanging onto her back. Ana and Jules belong to zooophagous.


Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m human, and not something far more vile and unneeded.

Sometimes I need a new image for my sidebar.

HOOOPEFULLY this uploads transparent. It’s giving me hell, mobile.

Third installment of Bridgeport’s height chart re: monsters. My own Donna Ebner and her heavendog form.

Original sketches by zooophagous.

Fighting Dirty

Happy Birthday, scribblerrigby!

He’s fit and can hold his own in unarmed combat, but he will frequently cheat if he sees the opportunity - his strength, senses and agility are somewhat sharper than the average human, and he’ll often pervert his form into something decidedly more monstrous if it’ll help him intimidate his opponent or otherwise gain the upper hand.

Aaron’s an asshole.

And here we have Jules Thurgood, vampire with a wolf form. The second entry completed for a collab size chart between zooophagous and myself. Jules also belongs to her! Zooophagous did the original sketch, and I did the lineart and colours.

First up for a big old size-chart collab for Bridgeport: Aaron Fleischer, werewolf. 

Original sketch by zooophagous <3 Aaron Fleischer belongs to scribblerrigby!